Our PSYM After school Program assist schools with their afterschool programs by providing much needed funding for additional supplies and study materials. Dedicated teachers tutor students with an emphasis on subjects where they are not performing up to standard. They help the students with their homework assignments and check them for accuracy each day. They also help participants prepare for state exams.

PSYM has provided funding for afterschool programs at various elementary schools as well as Delta and Bastrop Jr. High schools.  The purpose of our program is to enhance the ability of students to acquire and maintain the necessary skills required to be promoted to the next grade in addition to mastering standardized tests such as the GEE, LEAP and iLEAP standardized tests.  The PSYM After School Program is made possible with generous grants from the Entergy Charitable Foundation, as well as The Hartford Charitable Giving Foundation who, by making these grants, are making a direct investment in our youth's future. Funding this program could be the determining factor whether a young person thrives in our educational system, or sadly becomes a statistic in our penal system. We truly feel that this program will benefit all its participants.

Our goal is to get our youth to focus on and care about their academic performance. We want them to get excited about learning, eager to study hard, and be more confident in the classroom.

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