Our annual multi sports camp is dedicated to the loving memory of Ms. Inez Grant, a former Physical Education and Math teacher in the Morehouse Parish School System,¬†who always¬†inspired and encouraged kids¬†to ‚Äúget involved and try‚ÄĚ.¬†¬†She didn't have a particularly gentle demeanor.¬† Nor did she mince her words.¬† You would know when you had¬†crossed Ms. Grant after she had grabbed you and¬†pursuaded you with a heavy hand to the backside.¬† Strangely enough,¬†kids gravitated towards her. ¬†You just knew that she loved and cared for you.



In the early years, the primary event was the multi-sports camp held annually during the summer.  Hundreds of kids have attended and enjoyed our camps.  While in attendance, they are addressed by local community and business leaders as well as out of town natives who grew up in our community.  They explain what they do for a living, how they prepared academically, and touch on their experiences while establishing their careers.  However, the main message that they all share with the youth is to stay in school and study hard.  Not just attend school, but get an education.  They encourage them to hold themselves to a higher standard by focusing more in school.  They are asked to give thought to what they'd like to be when they grow up then set goals for how they will reach their goals.

Unfortunately, our camp is held only once a year for 3 to 4 days which leaves us a very limited time in which to address many of the problem areas that we feel are important to the development of our youth.  Therefore, in addition to the educational area being hammered home by our guest motivational speakers, we try to address at least one behavioral(shyness and self esteem), health(personal and dental hygiene) and social(drug and gang prevention) area while we have their attention.

Therefore, even though we use sports as an appealing tool to attract and get the attention of our young people, they'll learn a lot more.

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