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Camp Registration Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANTOnline Registrants, please read the following required "Parental Consent" and "Waiver/Release" that you must agree to and acknowledge during the online registration process.

WAIVER/RELEASE:  I hereby release Pelican State Youth Movement (PSYM) their employees, members, volunteers or other persons from any loss, damage, liability, or injury to my child arising out of or as a result of activities of this event or child’s participation therein. I agree to indemnify, hold harmless and  defend Pelican State Youth Movement, Inc. from and against any and all claims for loss, damage, liability, injury, or COVID-19 exposure, however caused.

PARENTS:  By registering and signing the online form, you agree that we have the right to post your child’s picture on our web-site and any other media and publications produced or purchased by Pelican State Youth, Inc.

Print Paper Registration Form

Note:  Click link below and print out camp registration form.  Be sure to complete all required fields on form.  We prefer that you take completed registration form to PSYM office at 815 Gillis Drive, Bastrop, LA. no later than 4pm June 7th, 2023.  $30 registration payment must be made at that time.  Incomplete registration forms will not be accepted.

2023 Camp Registration Form Link